Went fishing, didn't catch a thing

Been out fishing a few times this week, but last night was a lot of fun, just fruitless.

Sun was setting and the tide was almost at its highest. We’d just thrown cast out lines a few minutes ago and I made some comment like we weren’t getting any bites when Pow! Snap! Big bite and the line was broken. Stupid me, I’d left the brake tweaked on too tight, so lost Hari’s new lures that she’d just bought.

Caught one little snapper which had to be thrown back, but then Todd hooked something big on his rod, which had a much stonger line on it. It was surging in waves and we think it was a stingray. The two of us spent almost two hours working it to shore, but just as we got it to within meters of the boat-ramp, the line broke. Halfway through that episode, we noticed that the line on another rod was fully out, so I started winding that in to find that we had something hooked on that as well and spent another hour and a half slowly working that one back to shore before the line snapped as well (Am assuming another stingray). Got him to within a couple of meters off the rocks based on the angle of the line, but when he’s that close, it’s nothing but dead weight and our lines were too light in the end.

Very tiring, but I feel like I learnt a lot from it. Haven’t really done much fishing with a rod, so it’s been a good experience. Fortunately we’d caught a ton of snapper the previous day (which made for a delicious breakfast) so it didn’t feel like we’d come back completely empty handed. Looking forward to another decent session though!