There's no excuse for being bored

It’s just incredible the resources that are available these days. I’ve got a lot of interests and it’s possible to learn so much about all of them online now.

While research quantitative finance, I found a guy who was planning on doing his own Masters in Financial Engineering. But his approach was that you don’t need to go to university to learn whatever you want. (Well, you do if you want the piece of paper at the end)

Khan academy has been interesting to play with. I’ve been brushing up on my admittedly rusting mathematics there. Salman Khan has done an amazing job creating the videos and his naration and pace of teaching is excellent. The range of subjects is amazing and getting more expansive all the time.

MIT’s OpenCourseWare is another incredible resource that’s going to take a long time to absorb. I was hoping there’d be more depth in papers on Thorium reactors in Nuclear Engineering (I’m liking Thorium as a potential fuel source for small reactors), but there’s not a lot that I’ve been able to find so far. Also, depending on which department you’re exploring, a lot of the courses don’t have lecture notes and feel a bit incomplete. But it’s still a valuable resource.

Lastly, I’m enjoying Stanford’s youtube series on Programming Methodology. I’m not sure what’s drawn me back to something I believe I already know fairly comprehensively, but it’s comforting and I’m enjoying Professor Mehran’s lectures.

Still a wealth of knowledge out there. Would have loved to have access to this when I was a kid!