The biggest loser. What a pile of shit!

I don’t really watch television, but last night happened to watch an episode of The biggest loser. What an absolute pile of steaming crap that was! It seems to be nothing more than a boot camp for fatties, with a bit of reality-style game show thrown in.

I really hope that other episodes have more emphasis on the diet side of the equation. Exercise is all well and good, but from what I’ve read and experienced, diet is definitely the biggest factor. Get control of that and you’re most of the way there.

Looking at the show’s website, they’ve got a nutritionist who seems to know her stuff, so hopefully some of the future episodes will educate people on what to eat (and what not to) when trying to lose weight. As for the episode I saw, it was mostly just watching fatties going through some form of exercise torture. And the weigh-in at the end was equally ridiculous in its theatrics. (No weigh scale I’ve seen fluctuates like that… it’s a gimmick to draw out the tension) And getting rid of people who lose the least weight each week? Why? Why not keep all contestants on the show and just have a leaderboard which changes week by week? What’s with this voting bullshit?

Perhaps that is what is needed to get viewers in America. If so, they’re really starting to scrape at the bottom of the barrel. (I hope)