Tennis grip for sweaty hands

It’s Summer in Victoria, and it’s hot. Definitely a lot hotter than I’m used to. Last year a group of us went to our first grass tournament which was a hell of a lot of fun. But man was it toasty!

Charlton organise an awesome tournament, even during the latter stages of the pandemic when Victoria had started opening up, but there were still restrictions in place. Think it was sunny and 35 degrees most days (which was actually cooler than it could have been).

I definitely struggled with grip when my hands got slippery. Combination of sunscreen and sweat for the most part, which played havoc with my serve at times. I was using a Head overgrip which is meant to be sweat resistant, but it wasn’t enough.

Recently I’ve come across the Tourna XL overgrip, which feels awesome. I expect I won’t get as much wear out of it, but it’s definitely very tacky even under trying conditions from my first few games with it.

Recommended by pros like Gasquet, Murray, Isner and Sampras (yes, Tourna have been around a while… since 1972 in fact!) and now Me! (far from being a pro though)

So about to head off to Charlton once again. This time with the light blue grip, that does not slip.