New 3d Printer Extruder

My daughter and I were trying to do a few little experiments one day, one of which needed a 3d print. So cranked up the old Crealty CR6-SE and started printing. The feed wasn’t working though, and when I pulled on the lever the entire cover just broke into multiple pieces.

Whoops! That wasn't meant to happen.
Whoops! That wasn't meant to happen

So I had to figure out what that part was, and how to replace it, and with what. Fortunately, it’s a common problem and there are a lot of solutions. I ended up going with the metal extruder from Creality3D which is a direct replacement for the original plastic one. The only thing I wasn’t sure about was whether it was for my printer or not, as it only said it was for the Ender 3/Pro and CR-10. But it turns out it’s the same extruder, just with a different name. Or at least, it fit and worked perfectly on my printer, so I’m happy.

The new metal extruder.
The new metal extruder

The new extruder is just awesome. Beautifully engineered, and so much easier to feed through. And it might just be me, but it seems to print a lot better too.

So yeah, success.