Living without a phone

For some reason, technology was a bit of a struggle this winter-escape.

As I’ve done for the past six years, I headed down under to avoid the northern hemisphere winter. I continue to work, I just do it in a warmer climate.

But this trip, I had two phones fail on me. I blame sunspots, but honestly… it was probably just coincidence. But it has meant I’ve sort of backslid a bit.

Meeting up with friends was a little more tricky. The ones who don’t mind doing it old-school (meet at this place, at this time) were fine, but I found I just didn’t meet up with as many folk as I normally do. Partly because I had more work on and that kept me pretty busy, but also because I’ve pretty much lost all my numbers.

That said, it’s been rather nice being a little incommunicado. I definitely lived more in the moment, and I wouldn’t mind extending the trial, only I feel like I need to be fairly contactable for various reasons… so I’m buying another phone. And this time, I’m giving in to the temptation to buy a smart phone. Finally…

It had to happen some day!