Ideas and execution

I get approached by a lot of ‘idea people’ wanting a technical partner to help execute their idea. I’m open to the concept, but always keep in mind the adage ‘Ideas are cheap, execution is everything’. Although I recently read an article by Derek Sivers which probably put it into better perspective.

Ideas are just a multiplier of execution.

But there also seems to be this push for a unique idea. Which is something I don’t particularly think is needed. There are plenty of great ideas out there which have been executed poorly. Your idea doesn’t need to be unique by any means. Think Myspace/Facebook, Quicken/Mint, Experts-Exchange/StackOverflow or anything else where a complacent incumbent gets completely owned by someone executing essentially the same idea, just much better.

There’s plenty of ideas out there that’ve been executed poorly. Find one that causes people pain and do it better.