How long can the Lumia 800's battery last?

On Monday the 20th of August at midday, I took both my phones off charge and decided to do a longevity test. This isn’t a real world test, in as much as I barely use either phone. I just wanted to see how long they could possibly last without charging, but minimal usage.

What’s the point? Well, I often travel and it’s nice to know how many days I get out of a device between charges. My Kindle is awesome, allow me a couple of weeks between charges. (I don’t have wireless on normally, but I read a lot, which sucks through the battery)

Battery longevity test between a Sony Ericsson w810i and a Nokia Lumia 800 - three days in

It’s now three days into the test and both phones are still running. I’ve made a call and sent and received texts on the w810i and it’s battery looks to have around 60% charge remains. The Lumia on the other hand only has about 30% remaining. It doesn’t have a SIM-card in it, and is purely using WIFI. But it does regularly download emails, but I can’t say I’ve used it much more than to check how the battery drain is progressing.

When I travel, I normally get over a week out of my w810i, depending on how much I’m using it. But the Nokia, being my first smartphone, needed regular charging. Admittedly I was using it a lot more heavily. The camera is awesome and Photosynth lets you take incredible panoramas. And the off-line GPS navigation was a big plus while riding around Europe.

It looks like I’ll get almost 5 days out of the Lumia, but closer to 10 out of the w810i. Considering both are on standby, neither result is particularly shabby. The w810i’s battery is a 900mAh, whereas the Lumia’s is 1450mAh. The main benefit of having a phone like the w810i though, is a replaceable battery. I can carry two spares on the road, which give me almost a month of phone without needing a charge. That’s definitely come in handy in the past!