Hidden in plain sight

A modern take on orienteering is the hobby of geocaching. And it’s one of the things that a smartphone just makes so much more accessible. Ten years ago, you’d have needed to purchase a dedicated GPS, but nowadays, everyone has one in their pocket.

I like the idea of things hidden in plain sight. I’d love to build little sleeping spots in urban spaces. Sort of like those Japanese capsule hotels, but even smaller and disguised as mundane items, like power boxes, large telephone cabinets or air conditioning units. I could see that being something a lot of people would just overlook

Geocaching is sort of similar. It’s surprising how many caches there are in the immediate vicinity. I was surprised to find one literally outside my flat.

A nano geocache

I like these sort of subversive little hobbies. Like bookcrossing as well, where you release books into the wild in various spots around town. There’s all sorts of things going on locally that most people don’t notice.