Getting upgraded when you fly

Just had this conversation with a few people today while out for some work drinks. Our CEO came over and was talking about her upcoming holiday. She’s very tall, so feels it’s pretty much essential to pay for business class when flying long haul.

Now I fly long haul a fair amount I guess, seeing as I tend to fly UK to New Zealand each year, and other holidays always seem to be at some far-flung destination. So one trick I have, is to try and always fly with the same airlines. The benefit of which, is the occasional upgrade.

Not only can you upgrade the odd sector with miles, but I’m pretty sure that being a member of a freqent flier program means you’re far more likely to get the occasional upgrade. My favourite was when I’d upgraded my flight from economy to business using miles, but got upgraded again to first class for the first sector. That was an experience.

When I used to work for Emirates, I’d always ask if there was a chance of getting an upgrade. (But to be honest, that never actually worked) It’s only been in the years since that I’ve gotten lucky occasionally. So far, only on BA, Etihad and Emirates. But flying Singapore Airlines is such a good experience that an upgrade is unnecessary.