Forty is fast approaching

Am not sure how I feel about it, but I’m turning 40 in a few weeks. I still remember going to my father’s fortieth birthday party (and driving him and Grandad home afterwards). And here’s me with no kids, single and still larking about the planet without looking like I’m slowing down.

Not that I want to change anything, because I do love my life. My last winter was in 2006 and things start to look pretty good when you follow the sunshine around the globe. Mind you, I’m still open to opportunities. I’ve got plans through til about the middle of the year, but after that it’s open-ended. If anything, there’s too many choices. It’s hard because I’d like to do all of them.

But the big ‘four zero’ does seem significant. Even if it’s just a halfway marker of some sort. I do wonder if it’s like a 100m sprint though, where the runners reach top speed about 50 or 60 meters in. After that it’s all winding down. I’m not sure I can wind down too much further without going in reverse.