Dave's year of golf

I’ve been thinking a bit more today about an idea I’d talked over with my Uncle Ken. Our thought was to spend a year doing nothing but playing golf. Since then, I’ve found out about The Dan Plan where one guy is testing the hypothesis that it takes ten thousand hours to become good at something.

Mind you, I wasn’t planning on spending ten thousand hours. Just 365 days. (I guess that’s eight thousand something hours technically, but obviously not all of those will be spent playing golf!)

My idea is to try and play every golf course in New Zealand. Outside of Scotland, I believe we’ve got the highest number of golf courses per capita. Hard to put an exact figure on it, but the closest figure I can come to is around 400.

Think it’d be a lot of fun, as well as hard work. But I’d be very surprised if my game doesn’t improve rapidly throughout the year. As it is, I’ve had my swing recently disected. I’m technically still on a 28 handicap, but I know I’m able to play at a much better level if I can just get out more often.

So once again, when I do my annual migration to New Zealand, I’ll take my clubs with me. (Thanks again to Emirates who allow golf clubs as an extra free allowance. That’s awesome!) And hopefully this time I’ll get a decent number of games in. But I’ll also start planning on how I can spend twelve months making a decent go of it!