Comparing life to golf

There’s something pure about golf. It can be bloody frustrating at times, especially now when my swing has been disected and I’m trying to get used to a new way of playing. But one of the main things that intrigues me about the game is the mental aspect.

You play a shot, hopefully to the best of your ability, after which you play another until you finish the game. Each shot will either go roughly how you planned, or you’ll end up somewhere completely different to where you envisioned.

But that’s life as well! You can have the best laid plans, only to have to reevaluate things when they get upset. But as in golf, nothing in the past matters really. The core thing to concern yourself with is this shot you’re playing right now, this moment in time. You have a little bit of concern about the future, but you’re not planning how to play the 18th while you’re still only at the 9th.

Likewise, it should be today that you’re concerned with. Don’t worry too much about how you got to this point. Sure, the past will affect your decisions and actions to some degree. But for the whole, it’s possible to take stock of where you are now and decide where you’d like to go - each moment of your life. That’s the bit to pay attention to. Life in it’s purest form. The now.