Can't trust the internets

I’ve lost my mojo a little lately. Feel like I got sucked in by two online purchases. One was a laptop which has a fault whenever I try and run it off battery. I had a bad vibe about it from the start, but persisted with the sale for some unknown reason. Now disputing it with ebay, so we’ll see how that goes.

The other was me trying to find a replacement for my ray bans that went missing in Thailand. I couldn’t find the exact ones I’d bought in the states, but I didn’t fancy paying nearly £200 for something similar here. Found a model that I like on a website and ordered it from there. But now I find that it’s being sent from Hong Kong and I’m fairly sure it’s likely to be a counterfeit item.

Normally I don’t fall for this shit, but I’m wondering if my bullshit radar has been dulled by time away from the internets? I don’t know, but it’s time to sharpen my act up a little. Also, I should be buying less crap tbh, not more. Lesson learnt!

Updated - Well, turns out the Ray bans were completely legit. Or at least are such good copies that neither me, nor the specialist in the local sunglass shop, could tell the difference when looking at the same model side-by-side. Result!