Considering an electric car

I’d been considering an EV purchase for a while. I remember walking to work in the UK, often overtaking a bunch of cars stuck in traffic, all with engines running and I found it obscene that we were burning fuel to sit still. I was perhaps being a bit hypocritical as I had a Porsche Boxster at the time and used to ride my motorbike for pleasure trips, but I’d average less than 5k miles a year on the car and walked almost everywhere I could, so didn’t feel too bad.

Here in Aus, the distances are greater, and the weather a little more extreme (heat-wise at least). So an enclosed vehicle (and air-conditioning) is a little more essential. I did spend the first few years here without buying a car, choosing to cycle most places. But that last summer was so brutal and I was cycling across town to water a mate’s garden while he was away, and I finally bit the bullet when another mate was selling his Mum’s old RAV4.

Many years later, I’m driving another car, but have been keeping a keen eye on the EV market. Tesla look great and their Model 3 is excellent, but I’m finding the lack of controls not to my liking. Someone needs to innovate, and they’re doing some great stuff, but maybe I’m still a bit old-school as far as wanting to keep physical controls for many things. Recently I’d been looking at the BYD Seal as well, and had even put down a deposit. But then I changed my mind.

BYD Seal

The BYD Seal is a great looking car, and the specs are pretty good too. I care less about speed these days (particularly with the speed limits and attitudes to speeding here in Aus). But in the end I still think EVs have a bit more evolving to do. I love the luxury feel of the Seal, but it’s still a wee way from being my idea of a perfect EV (although it’s gotten very close).

Weight-wise, I’d like to see much lighter EVs. Something closer to 1000kg rather than the hefty 1922kg of the Seal Dynamic. I’m okay with shorter range. Most of my trips are about town and less than 30km a day (60km tops). And the odd trip to Melbourne. The Microlino is a pretty good example, the Fiat 500e is another. And maybe the BYD Dolphin. For some reason so many cool EVs won’t make it to Australia though. Even more gutting is Toyota won’t bring the new Prius here either, and I think that vehicle looks awesome!

Other vehicles I’ve seriously considered:

My perfect EV would be:

So anyway, I’ve cancelled my BYD Seal order and will wait a little longer. I’m sure there’ll be something that fits the bill soon enough. But I’m actually thinking a decent e-bike and try and replace as many trips that I’d normally make by car with that instead is probably the way to go.